Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How I went 9 months without Shopping!

I was recently cleaning out my closet, which I like to do during the transition of seasons or even with weight changes. I usually complete Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for sure but I did one when I was around 7 months pregnant and then also a few months after I had my child. I have three piles, one for the shelters/goodwill, I have my “maybe” pile which should go in my give away pile most of the time, and the “keep” pile. 

Recently I realized the last thing I bought for myself was a jumpsuit for my baby shower back in October 2017 from Lizard Thicket. It is now July 29, 2018 and I purchased my first clothing item from Free People. It was on clearance, but I absolutely love it. When I say I purchased nothing, I mean nothing, no shoes, accessories, clothes, jewelry etc… NOTHING!! I still cannot believe I was able to do it. How did I go without shopping for 9 months?

1.     Mix and Match
This is one of favorite things to do in my closet is mix and match items that I haven’t put together before. Different textures, fabrications, prints with a different blouse or different pair of jeans in my closet. Mix and matching with outfits you haven’t paired together before.  
2.     Have a Baby!πŸ˜‰
A lot of my non-shopping dealt with having my first child in Nov, 2017. For the first few months of being a mother. I went out the house maybe once a week if that and yep, you guessed it I wore athleisure wear; yoga pants, t-shirts, leggings, shorts and such with no workouts included. I wore anything that was comfy, somewhat lightweight and easy to nurse my son as far as tops.
3.     Not in the Budget.
Honestly, one of the main reasons, simply put it was not in the family budget and I was okay with that as we transitioned to one income from two. If you would have told me I would not be going shopping for 9 months, I probably would have cried and had a small pity party. I think about the scripture in Philippian’s 4:12 (amplified version) “I know how to get along and live humbly (in difficult times), and I also know how to enjoy abundance and live in prosperity. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret (of facing life), whether well-fed or going hungry, whether having an abundance or being in need.” I was able to adjust easily because I’ve experienced abundant situations before and not so abundant ones.
4.     HEMP!
Hair, Eyebrows, Manicure and Pedicure. When all four of these items were done I really was not concerned with buying anything new even if it was on sale. Especially my hair, I feel when I have a new hair style or proper hair maintenance it makes my outfit new and fresh especially combined with #1. I’m not sure if I’m the only one.
5.     Go Shopping in Your Wardrobe.
One part of my wardrobe I occasionally forget about is my dresser drawers, this is where I keep fun blouses that do not hang correctly and always fall off the hanger, graphic t-shirt’s and other items. So, once a month I go through my closet wardrobe and shop, shop, shop away. I pull out about 5 pieces that I haven’t worn for the last 2 months that are in season and put outfits together based on those pieces. It’s so fun!! Especially when you are constantly complimented on the outfit too. Super Win!!
6.     Be a Blessing to Others.
I’ve found that when I’ve been a blessing to others in their time of need, with no expectation of anything in return. I’ve been blessed at the perfect time. During the 9 months I received a few gifts of clothing, and gift cards to stores. Yay! Those were the sweetest because I didn’t even ask or make mention of it!

I know in this process I’ve learned a few things besides delayed gratification, there are 3 more months to shop in the year lol. On the serious side of things; I may do this annually without having a child and see how much money I’m able to save. The process was a bit refreshing and I was able to purge and even created a new sense of style for myself within my own wardrobe. 


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  2. I’m going to try this! Thanks love ❤️

  3. Aisha, you have some awesome tips for upcoming College students as well as budget friendly advice about shopping and birthday rewards! I love the blog! I will continue to follow you! Much Success!! Fun and Great Tips! Love it!❤️

  4. Aisha, I love your blog advice, tips and budget friendly help for birthdays and college students! Love the article about the glasses! I have to check that designer out! Love itπŸ’•