Monday, September 17, 2018

Natural Teething Solutions

My son started teething around the age of about 6 months. Currently he has two bottom teeth that are fully in, and the two top ones that are in the midst of the breaking the skin. Ouch! So I have used a combination of a few things with suggestions from other moms, Facebook groups and good ole

For temporary relief I've used:
*Basic teething toys that go in the freezer
*Cool or frozen washcloth
*His pacifier in the freezer
*Baby Mum-mums (A non-gmo, organic teething wafer)
*A amber teething necklace from Baltic Essentials

We have also used Camilia Homeopathic medicine, it is a teething relief for painful gums and irritability. Made from naturally sourced active ingredients. Benzocaine and Preservative free,  Benzocaine is a local anesthetic (numbing medication) that can cause a condition in which the amount of oxygen carried through the blood is greatly reduced. One of the reason why we choose to use homeopathic medicine for our little one.

With essential oils we just recently made our own teething numbing agent and tooth tonic and placed in a roller ball and we are ready to rock and roll. Of course, every child is different and we used Doterra essentials oils and this is what has been working for us😃

-Clove (1 drop)
-Wild Orange (2 drops)
-1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
*Rub a few drops on gums

Tooth Tonic
-3 drops of Lavender
-2 drops of Clove
-10 ml roller ball
-Fill with coconut oil
*Apply on jaw line, behind the ear, down to the chin.
(Before naps and bedtime)

So far its been much better going the natural route for temporary relief of teething and overall a healthy choice for the little one. He is sleeping much better and not many burst of cries of enduring pain. Hopefully something on here helps you out as well.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How I went 9 months without Shopping!

I was recently cleaning out my closet, which I like to do during the transition of seasons or even with weight changes. I usually complete Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for sure but I did one when I was around 7 months pregnant and then also a few months after I had my child. I have three piles, one for the shelters/goodwill, I have my “maybe” pile which should go in my give away pile most of the time, and the “keep” pile. 

Recently I realized the last thing I bought for myself was a jumpsuit for my baby shower back in October 2017 from Lizard Thicket. It is now July 29, 2018 and I purchased my first clothing item from Free People. It was on clearance, but I absolutely love it. When I say I purchased nothing, I mean nothing, no shoes, accessories, clothes, jewelry etc… NOTHING!! I still cannot believe I was able to do it. How did I go without shopping for 9 months?

1.     Mix and Match
This is one of favorite things to do in my closet is mix and match items that I haven’t put together before. Different textures, fabrications, prints with a different blouse or different pair of jeans in my closet. Mix and matching with outfits you haven’t paired together before.  
2.     Have a Baby!😉
A lot of my non-shopping dealt with having my first child in Nov, 2017. For the first few months of being a mother. I went out the house maybe once a week if that and yep, you guessed it I wore athleisure wear; yoga pants, t-shirts, leggings, shorts and such with no workouts included. I wore anything that was comfy, somewhat lightweight and easy to nurse my son as far as tops.
3.     Not in the Budget.
Honestly, one of the main reasons, simply put it was not in the family budget and I was okay with that as we transitioned to one income from two. If you would have told me I would not be going shopping for 9 months, I probably would have cried and had a small pity party. I think about the scripture in Philippian’s 4:12 (amplified version) “I know how to get along and live humbly (in difficult times), and I also know how to enjoy abundance and live in prosperity. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret (of facing life), whether well-fed or going hungry, whether having an abundance or being in need.” I was able to adjust easily because I’ve experienced abundant situations before and not so abundant ones.
4.     HEMP!
Hair, Eyebrows, Manicure and Pedicure. When all four of these items were done I really was not concerned with buying anything new even if it was on sale. Especially my hair, I feel when I have a new hair style or proper hair maintenance it makes my outfit new and fresh especially combined with #1. I’m not sure if I’m the only one.
5.     Go Shopping in Your Wardrobe.
One part of my wardrobe I occasionally forget about is my dresser drawers, this is where I keep fun blouses that do not hang correctly and always fall off the hanger, graphic t-shirt’s and other items. So, once a month I go through my closet wardrobe and shop, shop, shop away. I pull out about 5 pieces that I haven’t worn for the last 2 months that are in season and put outfits together based on those pieces. It’s so fun!! Especially when you are constantly complimented on the outfit too. Super Win!!
6.     Be a Blessing to Others.
I’ve found that when I’ve been a blessing to others in their time of need, with no expectation of anything in return. I’ve been blessed at the perfect time. During the 9 months I received a few gifts of clothing, and gift cards to stores. Yay! Those were the sweetest because I didn’t even ask or make mention of it!

I know in this process I’ve learned a few things besides delayed gratification, there are 3 more months to shop in the year lol. On the serious side of things; I may do this annually without having a child and see how much money I’m able to save. The process was a bit refreshing and I was able to purge and even created a new sense of style for myself within my own wardrobe. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Balance of Mom Life and College Life.

I’m Going to College, Now What?

In 2018, going to college is an accomplishment to most. For others, going to college is something that is needed after taking a long hiatus. Regardless of the stage in life, college is something that needs to be done to fulfill your lifelong dreams of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a dental hygienist and more. With the increasing demand of an post secondary degree, most become pressured and unsure if attending or going back to college is  the best decision for them at this moment. Besides, rent is due on the 1st and that car note isn’t going to wait on itself to get paid! But, I’m here to ease your mind with three facts that helped me get through college and my first 30 days after graduation day.

       1.  Going to College Is a Test of Faith
No one thinks that once you’ve been accepted into college, you’re in a for a war. But, in reality, you are. Nothing beats a real college experience better than a test of faith and determination. Despite the issues you may be having back at home, nothing will prep you better than a professor who still expects a ten page essay due at 11:59 p.m.! There will be many nights where you question your existence in college. My advice, keep your cool, attempt to get plenty of sleep, and do your best!

      2.   Everything in Life... Has to Balance
There’s no better lesson I’ve learned during college than learning how to balance my personal life with school. No matter what you have going on, your kids still need to be fed, and your mortgage needs be paid for, and your family still needs support. This lesson is so crucial especially for people that have taken time off to handle personal matters. I’ve learned that when you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it. To make that transition a little easier, keep your mind busy by reading books in your prospective field or tutor a elementary student in your favorite subject. With those tips, you should be able to transition back into your education smoothly!

       3.  Remember, take it easy!
One thing I didn’t do through my college matriculation was sitting down and taking a deep breath. I was so young and concerned with what my future was going to look like after May 2018, that I simply didn’t relax and enjoy my college experience the way that I should’ve. Every night, I stood up until 1 a.m. making sure I’ve read and completely understood my assignments. Now, that's what I would never advise anyone to do! Always, find time during your hectic week during finals to take an hour to yourself. Ask yourself, what can you do to ease your mind and enjoy yourself more often?          

Friday, June 29, 2018

My Free Warby Parker Glasses

I first heard about Warby Parker on the train during New York Fashion Week 2011 when I was working for Betsey Johnson. Oh what a week that was!!! We jumped out of our cab with all of our colorful dresses because we were literally stuck in traffic for about 10-15 minutes in the same place and needed to be at the Soho after party within about 30 minutes. This was like a scene from Sex in the City.

I found a seat on the train next to this guy with these super cool glasses on fairly larger frames. I asked him where did he get them and he said Warby Parker and they were only $100 bucks. What!!! I had been on the search for new eyeglasses for about 3 months. Unfortunately, I'm not able to put contact lenses in my eyes. It takes me forever, like 2 hours and by then my eyes are runny and red. Fast forward, I go to the Warby Parker website and complete the Home Try-On  for free for 5 frames. Back then, they only had the Flagship store in New York. I was so thrilled when they opened up two stores here in Atlanta, one at The Shoppes at Buckhead and the other at Westside Provision District. The Home Try-On was great and I chose my very first pair, the Thacker. I had my prescription from a previous eye exam and they were able to use that. This was such a relief and made me so happy. I found some frames that were hip, stylish and I did not have to break the bank.

The pair I just recently purchased last year were actually sunglasses turned into frames. I am very selective about my glasses and I'm overall a slow shopper anyway. I love my new frames. I've had them for almost a year. The team at WestSide Provision suggested my new frames and was very helpful. They are the Tilley frames in the Grapefruit Soda color. The frames are a classic cat-eye frame with slightly oversized proportions and old-school glamour.

So how did I get them for free?

If your vision insurance includes an out-of-network benefit, you can apply for a full or partial reimbursement for eyewear purchases and eye exams. All you have to do is complete a out-of-network claim form, and attach your receipt. Submit your form and receipt to your vision insurance company. And as the WP Team would say a "Optional Bonus Step: Smile, exhale, and await sweet, sweet reimbursement". The Tilley's were completely free, including the eye exam and the frames. You can't beat that!

I cannot wait to share my new Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses I will be getting next. It's such a hassle to switch from sunglasses to glasses throughout the summer, especially during summer outdoor activities.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Birthday Freebies and Deals

Happy Birthday!!

Have you ever been on a budget for your Birthday?! Well I have and guess what I've found out over the years you can still have TONS of fun! I believe I'm the Queen of Fun! My Birthday was last month but I wanted to share some of the festivities and treats I enjoy yearly.

1. Free entry into the Georgia Aquarium. You receive access to all of the galleries and shows. Entry is only for the day of your Birthday, Georgia Residents only.

2. Receive 50% off the entire month of your Birthday at Kendra Scott. (This is one of my Favorites)

3. Receive 20% off the entire month at Fabrik Boutiques here in Georgia. (Fav locations P'tree City & Vinings)

4. Enjoy a Free Medium Firehouse Subs on or 6 days following your Birthday. Sign up for Firehouse rewards before your actual birthday.

5. Get a Free Burrito on Your Birthday every year at Moe's. Super easy just download the Moe's app.

6. $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate to enjoy the entire month of your birthday. Only valid when joining the Chef's table.

7. DSW gives you $5 off Birthday Certificate when you become a free VIP of their loyalty program.

So start your day off at the Aquarium, grab lunch at Moe's or Firehouse Subs whatever your feeling, go past Fabrik and grab an outfit, then go to Kendra Scott to grab some accessories, DSW for shoes and end with dinner at Benihana's.

Lastly I try to sit and reflect over my past year. Did I accomplish the goals I set forth for myself last year? Lessons that I learned, and things I'm grateful for. You see every year I try to start my day off with renewing my mind and putting things into the proper perspective and appreciate life. Every year is truly different but I love to envision and pray about my year ahead. I love doing this because I've noticed how faithful God has truly been. 


Friday, June 15, 2018

Influencer Q & A with Chastity Garner

Body Positivity
Yesterday's Q&A with Chastity of Garner Style was inspiring and educational held at the AmericasMart/Apparel Mart.

The conversation was for women size 0 to size 20.  Chastity started off as a blogger, and stylist for plus sized women. She spoke to us about blogging, styling, and catering to your curvy girl for the retailers in the audience. If you carried curvy lines, how you could reinforce the opportunity in your messaging, merchandising looks of all sizes, and strategies you can use to help clients feel confident in shopping in your store.

Moving plus size forward has always been her mission.  She feels that the curvy customer should be served better. As a stylist, she mentions "You take the work out of finding clothes."  Blogging advice..."Consistency is Key, showing up week to week"! Chastity also mentions that neon colors are on trend for the fall. We had a blast during the Q&A, later that evening she styled and presented for the Signature Event, sponsored by Matisse Footwear. The Kick Off Party featured live model demonstrations, signature cocktails, and custom giveaways. 

Fun Facts about Chastity

Favorite Place to have Photo Shoots- The Shops Buckhead Atlanta
Fashion Icon- Solange Knowles
Everyday Outfit- Athleisure
Power Color- Electric Blue

*Moderator was Kesha Henderson of Funky Flair Boutique.*

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fall 2018 Trends (Atlanta Apparel)

I met some amazing people this morning as I visited the Mart to view the new and upcoming Fall Fashion Trends and Must Haves. According to the Apparel Mart and what I viewed from various vendors the Vignette is as follows:

                                                Must Have Hues                                                

Key Items
*Trench Coat (Especially Distressed Denim)
*Longlined Belts
*Oversized Knit Sweaters
*Plaid Blazers
*Two-Piece Set (These sets in plaid as well)
*Wide Leg Trousers (Yas! One of My Fav & some highwaist)
*Shearling Parka

*Anything Corduroy (Yes Corduroy!)
*Tailored Suiting
*Lounge Sets 
*Animal Prints
*Colored Fur
*Vintage Floral
*Puffer Coats
*Rainbow Stripes
*Longlined Layers
*Piping & Racer Stripes

Fabrications Worth Feeling
*Tweed *Leather*Corduroy*Silk*Cashmere*Velvet