Sunday, May 27, 2018

First Family Trip as a Trio!

Our First Family Road Trip Together as a Trio!

When was the first time you traveled with your infant child?! Well as a new mom, mine was at 5 months and I couldn't have been more stressed and excited at the same time. So much planning is involved to ensure you have everything for any given situation. Sticky notes and to do list were my best friend. We traveled two hours south to Alabama, it was a pretty hot day but we had a ton of fun. I was able to keep my son on his schedule and have activity time in the car. He did well both coming and going. If EBF (Exclusively breast feeding), you do have to add more time on your trip for the occasional stops to nurse if need be. 

Car Activity Time Ideas for 0-6 months:
-Toys, toys and more toys (preferably smaller ones)
-A toy that hooks onto the top of the car seat and hangs for him or her to reach. We use the one made by Baby Einstein in the picture below but any car seat hanging toy will do.
-Reading books is another activity that was fun and kept the little ones attention.

Looking forward to the next road trip!

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