Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fall 2018 Trends (Atlanta Apparel)

I met some amazing people this morning as I visited the Mart to view the new and upcoming Fall Fashion Trends and Must Haves. According to the Apparel Mart and what I viewed from various vendors the Vignette is as follows:

                                                Must Have Hues                                                

Key Items
*Trench Coat (Especially Distressed Denim)
*Longlined Belts
*Oversized Knit Sweaters
*Plaid Blazers
*Two-Piece Set (These sets in plaid as well)
*Wide Leg Trousers (Yas! One of My Fav & some highwaist)
*Shearling Parka

*Anything Corduroy (Yes Corduroy!)
*Tailored Suiting
*Lounge Sets 
*Animal Prints
*Colored Fur
*Vintage Floral
*Puffer Coats
*Rainbow Stripes
*Longlined Layers
*Piping & Racer Stripes

Fabrications Worth Feeling
*Tweed *Leather*Corduroy*Silk*Cashmere*Velvet

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  1. I am very excited that you're still doing fashion!!! I can't wait to apply some of these trends to my family's wardrobe