Sunday, June 24, 2018

Birthday Freebies and Deals

Happy Birthday!!

Have you ever been on a budget for your Birthday?! Well I have and guess what I've found out over the years you can still have TONS of fun! I believe I'm the Queen of Fun! My Birthday was last month but I wanted to share some of the festivities and treats I enjoy yearly.

1. Free entry into the Georgia Aquarium. You receive access to all of the galleries and shows. Entry is only for the day of your Birthday, Georgia Residents only.

2. Receive 50% off the entire month of your Birthday at Kendra Scott. (This is one of my Favorites)

3. Receive 20% off the entire month at Fabrik Boutiques here in Georgia. (Fav locations P'tree City & Vinings)

4. Enjoy a Free Medium Firehouse Subs on or 6 days following your Birthday. Sign up for Firehouse rewards before your actual birthday.

5. Get a Free Burrito on Your Birthday every year at Moe's. Super easy just download the Moe's app.

6. $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate to enjoy the entire month of your birthday. Only valid when joining the Chef's table.

7. DSW gives you $5 off Birthday Certificate when you become a free VIP of their loyalty program.

So start your day off at the Aquarium, grab lunch at Moe's or Firehouse Subs whatever your feeling, go past Fabrik and grab an outfit, then go to Kendra Scott to grab some accessories, DSW for shoes and end with dinner at Benihana's.

Lastly I try to sit and reflect over my past year. Did I accomplish the goals I set forth for myself last year? Lessons that I learned, and things I'm grateful for. You see every year I try to start my day off with renewing my mind and putting things into the proper perspective and appreciate life. Every year is truly different but I love to envision and pray about my year ahead. I love doing this because I've noticed how faithful God has truly been. 


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