Friday, June 1, 2018

National Donut Day!!!

June 1, National Donut Day with Five Daughters Bakery

All week we had been planning to go to Five Daughters Bakery, Grand Opening here in Atlanta GA at Ponce City Market to try their donuts. The anticipation was building!!! We thought early afternoon would be great and we would get to meet the Daughters. Yay yay!!  .

With so much excitement, we arrive at about 2pm and they were SOLD OUT completely of donuts but remaining was some treats, The Quinn which I never had as well as the GF cookies. Whelp give me what cha got!! Might I just say The Quinn was delicious!!! I actually desired another but the way my postpartum belly is, umh no thanks. Ha! The gals were super cute, the whole dang family...take a look....

Five Daughters are known for their:
*100 layer donuts that takes up to three days to craft. 
*Paleo Crushers (donuts free of grains, gluten, diary and sugars)
*Vegan Donuts (donuts with no egg or diary)
*Stuffed Happy Donuts (stuffed with jams, custards, and creams)

They also carry other sweet treats such as
*"The Quinn" (light croissant pastry with a buttery caramelized crisp)
*Gluten Free Cookies
*I love that all there boxes has the scripture 1st Cor 13:13. 

Have you ever been? If so what's your favorite? Never been, check out their locations here Five Daugthers Bakery.

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